Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Butterfly fly away..

I didn't know i could be claustrophobic, but today i discovered i evidently could. We took a photography field trip to Sioux Falls, went to the butterfly house and then falls park. At the butterfly house you go into this semi-large room with all these tropical foliage, a tiny pond and hundreds of butterflies. and i mean A TON of butterflies, flying free wherever they want. Annd you have to be nice to them since they come from far away places like Africa & such, so that equals if one lands on you then dont try get it off because you can't harm them. SO they just fly all over & scare the wits out of you when they fly by your face... I was literally getting claustrophobic with all these things flying by. It was just a scary thing... and my conclusion was- some cool pictures & a interesting experience..but i am NOT voluntarily going back!! Not very many things make me creeped out, but that did. I'm not even sure why because it's not like butterflies can harm you, must have been so many in one little place... Ate at Taco Johns & went to Falls Park. Twas pretty neat with all the water... got some sweet pics. Interestin bus conversation on the way home..haha... I like life :) Some of the Falls
Later, brooke

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a little from me.

Here are a couple pictures anyhow :) My mom & Connie are in New Hampshire with Tell, so we're kinda bachin it at home.. miss the little munchkin!! Flower
At Kaylynn's birthday :) Abby, Meghan, Kara, Martha, Klara, Me, Kaylynn, Sari & Giz
More flowers & a story board :)
Later, brooke

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I was born this wayy..

I think that if you didn't know better you'd think we live in the wetlands not the praire or something. SO much flooding & rain, and its rather disgusting. All the piles of snow we've had are melting. blahh. Okay i'm done complaining about the weather, because really we can't change it!
So pretty much there isnt much school left, thannnkk goodnesss! I'm about burnt out! Annd really thats about all i have for you! i'll have to take some pics of the water when im out & about :)

Later, brooke

Friday, March 18, 2011


I feel blessed. Because right now i know where i belong & it's a beautiful feeling. To know you are loved.
Its so muddy i had to wear mud boots when i went outside, it was worth it cuz i got some cool stuff to work with!
Made some sweet sillohette cow pics :)

Some barbed wire down by the creek. Don't ever under estimate the power of slush snow. haha bout got sunk!

Next week we are going on a photography field trip to Sufu :D YAY! im looking forward to that!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is ME..

So i'm pretty sure you all "know" me, but maybe you really dont know everything about me, i'm not sure what all to tell you but i'm just going to give you some facts about me & perhaps some random thoughts mixed in it all :)
  • My name is Brooke Louise Somero
  • I turned 16 on February 10th
  • I have 4 other siblings-Tell, Tucker, Garrett & my one and only sister Connie
  • My mother is currently staying home with my sister & my dad drives truck.
  • I'm a sophmore in high school with no idea whatsoever what i'd like to do after the fact!!
  • I am jobless-sort of-i babysit quite a bit, but am currently in a not so ambitious job search!
  • Most weekdays i chill at home, what a life. hehe. but everyso often like last night i went to town with shawnae & her sisters & a coupe other girls. Spices life up a bit!
  • On the weekends is partayy time ;)
  • I suppose you should like to know about my friends! Well there is Krista Rhoades who happens to be one my best friends in the whole wide world & she pry knows more about me than anyone, we have one of those friendships that is so deep, we'll pry be friends when we are in the nursing home ;) Then there are my other friends from church that live out here-there's the whole young kids group, but i'm not as close to most of them, but i know a lot of people & have all sorts of random friends i talk to {other out of staters too).Kara & Kaylynn are my forever friends, we've been friends since we were little & obsessed with pollypockets. haha. Then my bro Tell & i chill quite a bit :) And then last but not least are "the girls" my crazy & absolutely AMAZING friends. They don't belong to the same church as i do, but our churches aren't that much different & we get along just fine. On the weekends you can usually find me in town with all or some of these many many memories!!
  • Photography & writing are my creative outlets. When i have something on my mind i can just write the world away. And photography its something i enjoy..immensly! I'm getting more knowledge in photoshop, so it's pretty fun to make things & i enjoy it!
  • I grew up with the boys as my connie wasnt born until July of 2010 {so yes im about 15 1/2 years older than her). So i take life pretty laid back for the most part-at least thats what people tell me.
  • My ambition is to be yearbook editor my senior year
  • I'm approx 5ft 31/2in. my little brother who is 12 is like 5' 10''...i got the short genes & i like it :)
  • I'm yearning for spring, because spring has a feeling of hope-of things new & green, of life. and thats what i need right now.
  • Both of my parents are from the east coast. I have much family there & friends too.
  • I wear my cowboy boots about every day, except to church, they are part of me, part of who i am.
  • I don't care what people think about me & just try to be myself.

SO thats me..Brooke Louise. Anything i didnt cover? something you always wanted to know? Be honest, be free.. ask away! :) Just leave a comment!

Later, brooke

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You spin my head right round

Felt ambitious & made cookies :)
almond strips
White choip & craisin

The perfect snowflake :)

My little hippie girl :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Wish...

My wish for you...
So i havent written for ages and ages, i guess i don't really know what you all want to hear about. My Connie is growing up, i've been going to school, hanging out with my friends, learning about PSE....Pretty much sums up my life :) Not much stress going on at the moment, thankfully!

Later, Brooke