Monday, February 28, 2011


Photography class we are working on Photoshop Elements. Learned about Brushes today, looking forward to editing a bit more with it :D
Results of today's labor :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


We all have our dreams, our hopes, our ambitions. Some are big things while others are minute. I dream about: going to see Ashley in New Hampshire, "re-meeting" my cousins & aunts & uncles-because its been so long since i've seen them, being a nanny in new york city someday-just for the experience,traveling to a different country & seeing the life, & getting married & having babies of my own. I sometimes wish i was an ambitious person. It amazes me that people have time to do all sort of projects & crafts of their own. The only thing i have time for is taking pictures & editing them sometimes, and the occasional writing that pops in my mind. I often wonder where life will take me, where i'll end up years from now. Even as i wonder i think that for right now-im just a South Dakota my life right here. :)

My 2 newest photoshop workings :) My baby girl after her bath & a collage of random things-still trying to figure out the whol collage deal!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Thinking back...

Thinking back....
New York City! I would love to go back...i'm waiting for my someday trip here with Krista :)
June of '09-Times Square

Check out the sidewalk waiters in Little Italy... {'09}

Monday, February 14, 2011

Some things Never change...

In order to properly celebrate my 16th birthday i needed 3 days of partying :D It was great! On Thursday, my actual birthday, Kaylynn, Kara & I went to Applebees for supper & to a couple stores was a grand time. Friday i had the girls over Shania, Lexi, Jaselle & Berta, they stayed the night. We went up to town after supper: went to hockey, went to applebees and ate salad, target & walmart, stones for coffeee. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughs. I think we might have been mountain dew drunk-its entirely possible ;) We stayed up waaayyy too late, like alwats. Saturday went to Klaras for root beer floats, played Clue & some other strange game & visited people. Sunday i pretty much just slept...
Feels so good outside-snows melting & everything!

Pretty leaves & pretty sky!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open my eyes it was only just a dream...

"You alone are my strength, my shield. To you alone may my spirit yield. You alone are a real joy giver and the apple of my eye."
Do certain songs remind you of people? I always start singing a song & then think of some memory that goes along with it... As the Deer {above song} always reminds me of the good 'ol days at the farm with Elsie. Me-an how time flies, so much has changed since then!!

Speaking of things changing...funny how much life changes and we don't even realize it until after the fact. Friends come & friends go, lifestyles change, ways of thinking change, our looks differ and in the midst of it all we become who we are today. I was thinking back to how things used to be-just being a kid, playing with dolls & pollypockets&who knows what, things were always so simple. The biggest "problems" in our lives were simple things..really nothing. Sometimes i wish i could go back to those days, but more often than not i am most perfectly content with who i am & where i find myself now.
I'll be 16 in a couple of days. Me-an i'm almost a grandma ;) Guess that means i'll have to start being a rebel now.. hehe... Really though it makes me laugh when people think that turning a certain age will change everything. I usually don't look forward to birthdays because they are more embaressing than anything else-everyone calling attention to me. barf! For some reason though this year i AM looking forward to it as long as people don't do anything too mortifying! Knowing my friends though-something is bound to happen.
{My Hero. It's nearing valentines day!}

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey you!

Hello to you! Just a quick update here because truth is i dont have anything in particular to talk about.
Anyway meet Connie Jean. Shes the special person in my life-cuz she's just a doll-and she just so happens to be my only sister :)
Talk about big eyes! I fondly call her a goose-because really she is. I cant imagine what sort of personality she might have when she gets older, should be interesting!!

My drawing attempts! I repeat attempts. thought i'd share anyway. thats where my creative-ness has taken me. i discovered i actually enjoy it some...

{& yes she is wearing tights, shorts & boots. AHH! haha.}

Have a lovely week. Mine started off with a 2 hour delay-amazing way to start off a monday! :)

Until later, brooke

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wish...

I wish i could just lay here and watch the stars.
Let the warmness wrap me up like a bear hug from a dearest friend.
Maybe all my worries would fly away.
Maybe life would seem a little simpler
And just for once, i could escape all the things that drag me down.

I wish i could just lay here and dream about a new day
Let the sun shine down like a smile from a dearest friend.
Maybe I could forget about today.
Maybe life could be imagined in a different way.
And just for once I could laugh and be care free.

I wish I could just sit here and hold you close.
Let the love from inside you radiate to me.
Maybe i could just lose myself in the moment.
Maybe life would hold a deeper meaning
and just for once i could know where i belong.

-Brooke Somero- Feb. 2011

{Credits for the photo come from a talented person on}

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3rd Snow Day....

Today is our 3rd snow day in a row & considering we didnt have school on Friday this makes for a 6 day weekend so far!! Even though i like the fact of no school-i am getting BORED out of my living mind! So far my boredom has resulted in: Hot fudge pudding cake, 2 drawings of people, going through my shirt drawer, dusting {That has to be a first!!!!}, laundry, wasting my life away on my laptop, finishing the series of books i was reading-making life even more boring because i need to go to the library!, taking naps, spending quality time with the sister who is turning into quite the goose, making chicken noodle soup & of course the dishes and regular stuff around the house. ahh the joys of being stuck at home! :P

-the bored girl.
P.S. 8 days till my birthday <3