Monday, January 31, 2011

Livin the Life

Been having a busy life, thats an amazing thing! I'm liking this blogspot deal, getting back into blogging now, so hopefully i keep all you readers interested :)
  • We didn't have school on Friday so on Thursday after school i went to Shawnae's. Got to ride her super crowded bus! me-an i'm glad no one lives on our route :P Then Jaselle came an picked us up & we picked up Lexi and......went to town! how did you guess? Picked up Blake (Jaselle's cousin from Minneapolis) from the airport. Chilled awhile & then went home.
  • Friday Jaselle & Blake came and picked me up & then we met at Lexi's and Lexi, Zach & Cy came with us. wow. what an interestin day. hahaa. I think i havent laughed that hard in a long time! Pretty much hit up all the stores & just messed around {that meaning you really dont want to know what we did cuz it might scare you ;)} all day-because we are kids with nothing better to do.
  • Discovery of the weekend--I am a really laid back person. :D
  • Saturday had to go with the family because according to dad "it builds character, and you need some more". Oh okay dad! Went to Brookings-living history fair, art museum, an Ag museum. Found out the art galleries can be real strange!!
  • Sunday church & yadayada. normal sunday. nathan & wanda came over in the evening.
  • Today there isnt school because its a snow day! YEAH! In spite of my attempts to do nothing-mom had other plans. A nap sounds pretty good right now tho ;)
  • I found out that i have not a clue how to explain the differences between the Apostolic Lutheran Churches..because really i dont know myself.
  • Does anyone know an easier way to put the pics on the blog & write by them without having to move them all & mess everything else up? DO i have to write after the pics get uploaded?!

This awesome telephone booth :D at the Ag museum.

The place has awesome green windows & doors.

hmm yep a doorbell.

Highlight of the day. Milking the fake cow. mmhmmm!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet the tin can man!

Everyone has some sort of creative gene. For me, it's writing & photography. For some it's painting or sculpting, singing or playing piano. Could be anything. Anyway i'm always in awe of people who are talented at what they do. I'm in Art I this semester..hmmm. i discovered i am NOT an artist which is sort of funny. but really everything i have done hasn't been the best! Until the tin can man!! Which really i didnt know what i was doing, but she loved the shading..hehe. anyway in my practice drawings i made mini tin can mans. an they were i saved them & put them on the bottom of my laptop :)
Here is the littlest of them all ;)

Onions have cool circle shapes. heheh.

"twas eating my orange this morning & the juice squirted out :) thought it was cool anyhow.

There is a bit of my randomness for your day :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is Me :)

This is me! So i decided that i should get a BLOGSPOT! I know i'll miss xanga, but the whole thing about not uploading pictures. blah. So i'm starting over & perhaps i'll actually have something interesting to say. Looking forward to being able to blog when i want to...
Enjoy! :)

The top one is my newest inspiration! Have a couple more pics like that. The second one, is just one like :)
love, brooke